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from the Heart

In the world of Clown, the clown is the joke. The Clown is completely vulnerable, wearing his or her thoughts and feelings on the outside of the skin for all to see. Through great generosity and courage, we allow the audience to see our personal ridiculousness. Not to say a joke, but to be the joke. When you learn to do this, you will not be liked. You will be loved. In this class, you will search for and build your inner clown through exercises and play, focusing on impulse, emotion and physical expression.

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Movement: Space, Weight and Time

While using their great pleasure to play, students will use the elements of Space, Weight, and Time to create scenes and characters in this fun, energetic and physical workshop. Drawing on the disciplines of movement, clown and acting, the class becomes a playground where participants use the full range of their physicality. From the subtle to the extreme, dynamic movement will be explored, analyzed and applied to dramatic and comic situations. A valuable class for both performers and directors..
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The Anti-clown

In the world of Bouffon, the audience is the joke. Bouffons show no vulnerability. Their great joy is to parody the audience, its values and flaws.

This pack of grotesque outsiders engage and parody the audience with great joy, intelligence and charm. To play as Bouffon is to celebrate paradox! They are disgusting, yet beautiful. They hate you, yet they flatter you. The Bouffons are the ultimate manipulators! A joke— told by a nightmare.

A ferocious social satire is about to explode, liberating the energy in the room with an immense pleasure to parody and to play. In this workshop, participants will explore:

Connecting with the audience, Parodying societal maladies and hypocrisy,
Creating complex physical characters, Playing upon contrasts of theme and rhythm, Being 100 % present and captivating.